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Mental health stigma refers to the negative perceptions and discrimination that individuals with mental illness often face. It is crucial that everyone plays a part in dispelling this stigma. Through education and understanding, we can eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness, and support is available for those who are facing it.
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Many individuals fail to grasp the reasons behind drug addiction or the process of how one becomes addicted. There's a common misconception that drug users lack moral values or self-discipline and could quit if they merely decided to. However, drug addiction is a complicated illness, and cessation often requires more than mere determination or resolve. Drug use can alter the brain in such a manner that makes cessation challenging, even for those who are determined to quit. Thankfully, with advanced understanding of how drugs impact the brain, researchers have developed treatments that assist individuals in overcoming addiction and resuming productive lives.

Understanding Mental Illness and Addiction:


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